Salon Appointment


A full face at my studio ranges from $150- $200 depending on the service you choose

Naked glam- $150-Soft makeup with barely their eyeshadow to crest a clean and simple look.

Full glam- $175-Building on naked glam with full eyeshadow to compliment your look or opt for a Smokey eye for a little more excitement.

Dramatic- $200-includes full glam with added options for glitter, cut-crease, bottom lashes or rhinestones.

There is a $50 booking fee that goes toward your balance that can be paid via PayPal.
You will owe between $75- $150 at your appointment time. If you should cancel or not show up, your deposit is not refundable. The price includes lashes, as it is a courtesy.


THE 2019 WEDDING PACKAGES ARE AS FOLLOWS…1. Starting at $1500 that includes 1 Bride & up to 6 others not limited to, bridesmaids, mothers, hostess, family, friends alike. Artist will leave after the completion of makeup application. (Only valid in the state of Georgia) (25% deposit to hold wedding date)2. $2,000 incudes 1 Bride & up to 9 others not limited to, bridesmaids, mothers, hostess, familyu, friends alike- artist will stay until the start of ceremony. (50% deposit to hold wedding date)3. $2,500 includes 1 Bride and maximum up to 12 others not limited to, bridesmaids, mothers, hostess, family, friends alike- artist will stay until the end of the ceremony. (50% deposit to hold wedding date)DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!

Any services starting prior to 8am or after reception starts will be $50/hourly rate.

Wedding consultations are mandatory and are also an additional $100 these can be done on Sunday-Wednesday only. Scheduled with assistant within 3 weeks of booking wedding date.
Travel – all accommodations (Flights, rental car, mileage, hotels and etc…) would need to be taken care of for MUA and assistant if applicable.
Rates are ‘Up To’. This means the rates are not mandatory to have the total amount. Example: 3 people in the wedding party, or bride only would still be starting at $1500. If bride is solely getting makeup and would like glam present until reception, it would be $2500

Makeup 1 on 1 Classes


All of my 1 on 1 classes are 3 hours long. They also require you to bring all the makeup you have, no matter if you think it’s unusable. We go over past purchases and why they were good or bad for you with corrective suggestions, what’s most beneficial for your skin type and skin tone, what products you own that we can give new life to, and reaching correct techniques for products that better suite your needs. These classes are $800 and have NO curriculum. These types of classes allow for better learning for where you are in your particular makeup journey.

Day Rate

Monday - Thursday Day Rate $1000 (In Georgia)
Saturday Day Rate $1750
Friday & Sunday Day Rate $1500

A full day rate will be charged if the artist is needed on call for the whole day. A day rate consists of eight consecutive hours, with one hour lunch break.
This booking arrangement cannot be changed after the artist arrives for the appointment. Day rate must be specified at the time of booking and must be paid even if the artist is not used for the full day.
Time & half charges occur after 8 hours or before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m.



Photoshoot makeup starts out at $600 for the first person and $200 per additional person.
That includes one look and a slight change. I will be at the shoot for no more than 3 - 4 hours before it is an additional cost.
If for any reason I must leave the shoot, I will leave a touch-up for you. I will only travel for shoots Mon-Thurs.

  • Soft Glam

    Price $150

  • Glam

    Price $175


    Price $200

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